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Rocbit group has breathed success in the drilling and allied industry in Southern Africa and the rest of the world since its inception in 1988, this
has naturally occurred through the super customer service offering
which is experienced by all key stakeholders. Needs are tailored to suit
mining houses, mining contractors, waterwell drillers, piling and
foundation, tunnelling as well as raise boring.

We are proud Manufacturers & Distributors in SA for over 30 years.

At Rocbit our emphasis is the supply
of Consumable Equipment with the
added value of proven superior
customer service excellence. We
have a robust sales team that offers
round the clock maintenance back-up
with onsite training and technical
support. We are vertically integrated
and own an advanced design
manufacturing facility where we offer
a full range of high quality products.
This ensures that we are able to meet
and service our clients with effective
and efficient solutions as well as
complete reliability.

All our work carries technical support from date of delivery and
commissioning. We manufacture and distribute Down-the-hole hammers
from 3” – 30” and Down-the-hole drill bits from 2” – 40”, drill strings and

Our client reliability is further enhanced with the reconditioning of button
bits, Down-the-hole drill bits and raise-boring cutters.

We have formed close partnerships and manufacture Drill Rigs to
customer and unique specification requirements. Our products are
exported all over the world including Africa, Australia, Eastern Europe
and Asia.

       -      Water Well
       -      Mining
       -      Exploration
       -      Mud Rotary
       -      Piping
       -      Foundation

We at Rocbit believe that our versatility is our strength. We will endeavour
to grow and constantly broaden our product base and service capabilities
to satisfy the ever changing needs of our stakeholders, our market, our

•  24/24 service callout # More than 200 000 km achieved per month within
   Southern Africa
•  Unique expertise on continent in Conventional and RC Drilling
•  Largest stock availability of drilling equipment on the African continent
•  Extensive experience and management resources have placed Rocbit
   in a position to provide sought after consultancy services throughout
   Southern Africa and the rest of the world.

•  Included in these services is the co-
   ordination of exploration programmes,
   feasibility studies, evaluation of data,
   establishment of all logistical aspects of
   an operation, complete turnkey projects
   and the establishment of joint ventures.
•  Exclusive manufacturer and distributor of drilling
   equipment in Africa, North America, Europe &    Middle East.
•  Widespread international recognition
   has necessitated representation in
   more than 18 countries worldwide.

Rocbit Drilling Equipment Pty (Ltd) has evolved in its service offering and
is proud to include the offer of Security Services .

•  Mine sites in South Africa and Africa are vulnerable in many aspects,
   we offer to undertake a comprehensive vulnerability assessment on
   your behalf.

•  From the vulnerability assessment report we provide you with a
   tailored security plan and reinforce it with human force as well as
   technological support.